What Is MTA Technology? [Jeff Brown M.T.A. Metaverse]

Today we’re taking a closer look at Jeff Brown’s MTA Technology presentation.

The central focus of his pitch is “The $33 Trillion Tech Race to M.T.A.” which is a new technology that Jeff claims will dramatically change people’s lives and create America’s FINAL Tech Wave. 

Jeff Brown is a renowned investment analyst who’s previously written about bitcoin, Nvidia, and many other key stocks before they went mainstream and he hopes to replicate that with his predictions about this new technology he refers to as M.T.A.

In this presentation, we will focus on the main talking points of Jeff Brown’s presentation as well as his key proposals. 

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What Is MTA Technology? [Jeff Brown M.T.A. Metaverse] 7

Jeff Brown MTA Technology Review

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Introduction to Jeff Brown MTA Technology “M.T.A.”

Jeff Brown’s presentation centers on a new revolutionary technology he refers to as M.T.A. He claims that it is the next big technological trend and that there are investment opportunities you should seriously consider looking into as it unravels. It shouldn’t be confused with G.T.E. or SCG which are other recent Jeff Brown’s predictions.

The presentation has two title versions. The first one looks like this:

Jeff Brown MTA Technology

And the second one looks like this:

Jeff Brown MTA Technology

They are similar with the only difference being in the title of the presentation. Otherwise, the message is identical.

Going back to the subject matter of the presentation, Jeff Brown points out that experts are expecting this new technology to cause a massive $141 trillion-dollar shift in the global economy without involving blockchain or crypto. He also says that it could save tens of millions of lives as it disrupts the $11 trillion healthcare system as it also ignites an economic tsunami of thousands of new businesses.

Jeff is no stranger to making bold proclamations about new trends in the technology sector. We’ve encountered that before in presentations like The Crypto Effect, The Tech Shock, and SCG Technology.

In his latest presentation, he focuses on the M.T.A., which he claims could become bigger than 5G, driverless vehicles, space, robotics, quantum computing, AI, cryptocurrency, and the blockchain.

He also says that 5 trillion-dollar tech companies and four billionaires are working hard to dominate the trend and Tesla, Amazon, Disney, Netflix, Blackrock, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and other major companies are rushing to bring M.T.A. to the mainstream.

So, that brings us to the question:

What is MTA Technology?

Jeff Brown is talking about The Metaverse when he mentions MTA Technology (M.T.A.)

Jeff Brown claims that the MTA trend all began with Facebook when Mark Zuckerberg announced that he would shift his trillion-dollar empire to focus on M.T.A.

The Metaverse is a creation of digital realities where people work, play, and socialize and Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook wants to be the leader in the new trend. He sees it as the future of how people will interact.

They even renamed Facebook to Meta.

Jeff believes that it won’t end with Facebook as he sees other big tech companies following Facebook’s example of investing heavily in the Metaverse.

And as this happens, he expects there to be a tsunami of new millionaires minted off of investors who invest in this new trend in the coming months.

How to invest in M.T.A. Technology

How does Jeff Brown want you to invest to make the most of the M.T.A trend?

First, he says that you should invest in Meta Platforms Inc. (FB), which is the new name of the company that now holds Facebook and other properties. He sees it as the undisputed leader in Metaverse technologies.

But he doesn’t see Meta as the best company if you want large returns in a short period.

For that, he has his sights set on another company that he says all major tech companies will have to go through to fulfill their company vision of the metaverse.

He wrote a special report about it called:

The #1 Metaverse Profit-Play

This report reveals the #1 way, according to Jeff Brown, to profit from the Metaverse in the quickest amount of time. This easy-to-read report contains step-by-step instructions on how to make your investment.

Jeff Brown MTA TechnologyYou will receive this special report only when you become a subscriber of “The Near Future Report”

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Who Is Behind MTA Technology?

Jeff Brown is an investment analyst who founded Brownstone Research, a boutique financial research firm that was created to provide investment advice to retail investors. It is part of Legacy Research Group, an aggregation of independent financial research groups that is, in turn, owned by Stansberry Research.

Jeff Brown has been a Silicon Valley insider for a little over three decades. He has been writing about investment opportunities that few others often know about before it gets to mainstream financial media sources. 

He manages to do that because his deep connections within the industry allow him to know about innovative emerging technologies, something that few others are privy to.

Most of what he writes about are angel investment opportunities in the tech sector. Jeff Brown leverages his industry experience in order to discover the finest start-up investment opportunities.

Jeff Brown used to work for top technology companies like NXP Semiconductors, Qualcomm, and Juniper Networks before he started writing about niche investment opportunities in the technology sector. That also partly explains why he is so good at picking opportunities that evade the ordinary investor.

He is the CEO of Brownstone Research where he publishes newsletters like Blank Check SpeculatorExponential Tech Investor, and a free newsletter called The Bleeding Edge.

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How Does The Near Future Report Work?

Jeff Brown’s The Near Future Report is a newsletter I have written about multiple times on this blog. It is his main advisory service through which he publishes information about top-tier investments that have the potential to do well in the market in “the near future.”

He even describes it as “a secret financial weapon for those looking to get an inside edge to cutting tech advancements BEFORE they’re released into the mainstream.”

Jeff Brown MTA TechnologyJeff Brown’s MTA Technology presentation about the The Metaverse is an embodiment of his approach concerning the opportunities he focuses on with the newsletter.

According to Jeff, the Metaverse will shake up the world’s biggest industries and, at the same time, revolutionize the way we play, work, and socialize. He believes that it will change the way we interact with the digital world.

That’s why he thinks that it will mint NEW millionaires making now the ideal time to focus on the emerging opportunities in this major trend. 

The Near Future Report focuses investments in 5G, Artificial intelligence, robotics, precision medicine, big data, electric vehicles, crypto, blockchain, and now, the Metaverse.

When you sign up for The Near Future Report, you get:

  • Full access to Jeff Brown’s Model Portfolio. The portfolio has all of Jeff’s alleged “open positions.” This are the recommendations he has made in the past to subscribers.
  • Monthly issues of The Near Future Report. Every month, he sends you a new issue of the newsletter with information on how to navigate the tech sector as an investor.
  • 24/7 access to Jeff’s members-only website. He calls it the “Tech Profits Vault” because inside, you’ll find other research reports he has written and sent to his readers, including “My #1 Pure 5G Play”, “The #1 Biotech Stock of 2021”, “How to Invest in Tesla’s Secret Supplier”, just to mention a few.
  • Regular Portfolio Updates & Tech Alerts

To sweeten the deal, Jeff Brown also includes a few bonus reports.

3 Supercharged Metaverse Plays Set To Mint New Millionaires

This report features various companies involved in the Metaverse technology touching on healthcare, military, infrastructure, finance, entertainment, business operations, banking, and more.

Jeff Brown MTA Technology

He reveals all the details of three of the main stocks whereby he includes their names and ticker symbols.

The Metaverse Tech Revolution: Your Special 101 Guide to Understanding This Historic Metaverse Revolution, and Targeting Your Own High-Profit Plays

This report is a special 101 Guide to understanding the metaverse. Jeff says that it is intended to help you navigate the world of the metaverse.

Jeff Brown MTA TechnologyHe writes about how he expects the Metaverse to disrupt multiple sectors much like the internet did when it went mainstream.

Jeff also includes details of potentially high-profit plays in the industry that you should consider investing in.

One Tech Supplier for The Metaverse: This Tech Supplier Just Snagged a Partnership With a Trillion-Dollar Compan  to Help Create The Metaverse Worlds

This report is about a company that Jeff believes can easily become the #1 global supplier of physical equipment needed to bring The Metaverse to market.

Jeff Brown MTA TechnologyIt has a partnership with a massive trillion-dollar firm to use its products and services exclusively. For this reason, Jeff believes that it could potentially explode from new partnerships as The Metaverse reaches mass adoption.

The Near Future Report Subscription Price

If you join via the link provided at the start of the presentation, you only have to pay $49 in you FIRST YEAR of membership. 

After that, the subscription renews automatically for $129 (plus applicable taxes) every year. This stipulation is included in the fine print on the order page.

The Near Future Report Subscription Guarantee

The Near Future Report has a “money back guarantee”

Jeff Brown MTA Technology

Although they promise to refund your money if you cancel within 60 days, I think you should read the terms and conditions page to find out the actual terms of this guarantee.

Besides, these terms may have changed by the time you read this.

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Is MTA Technology Legit?

Jeff Brown’s M.T.A. Technology pitch is legit.

Jeff Brown is an investment analyst who’s been working in the tech industry for a long time. He has worked for big companies as well as monitored budding startups. He gives you the impression that he is the guy you’d go to for insights on the technology industry.

Now, if you take into account his track record of picking winning stocks over the years, it adds to his credibility.

Therefore, when he says that the Metaverse is the next major trend, you can see where he is coming from. Besides, he is also not the only analyst talking about the Metaverse and what you see on the news these days is a good indicator of this.

That being said, his past successes are not a guarantee that he will be right about the market this time. He may be wrong and all his recommendations may flop. Therefore, you should be open minded, but with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Jeff Brown MTA Technology Verdict

Since Facebook rebranded to Meta, it feels as though everyone is talking about the Metaverse and the impact it will have on the technology landscape. To be honest, you can’t blame anyone because it appears to be where social interactions are headed particularly if we can improve on our virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies (Meta already has a stake in that because it owns Oculus, a manufacturer of VR devices).

Jeff Brown always talks about exciting new technologies and in releasing this latest pitch, it shows that he sees an opportunity in this sector.

In this presentation, he covers a bit of what got people excited about the Metaverse. It appears to be a follow up of what he was talking about when he pitched “Spatial Computing Glasses” when he suggested that VR and AR would make smartphones obsolete.

If you have been following Jeff Brown’s work, this is worth taking into account. But the best thing to do now is approach everything with a healthy dose of skepticism because Jeff does not have a crystal ball. He is speculating about the future of a novel tech trend. He is also not offering personal advice. You have to factor your personal situation in before you take anything you read on board.

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What Is MTA Technology? [Jeff Brown M.T.A. Metaverse] 7

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