Andrew Tate Record: Kickboxing Career, Wins Losses & Titles

Andrew Tate is a former world champion kickboxer who is now best known for his flamboyant lifestyle and controversial opinions.

Although Andrew was well known within the internet, he became truly famous in 2022 when clips of him talking about masculinity and how men should lead their lives were all over TikTok, YouTube and other social media platforms.

However, his career truly began on a kickboxing ring. He had a successful career as a kickboxer and in 2009, he was ranked number one in his division in Europe.

In this piece, we will look back at his career in kickboxing and how he lives his life after he retired.

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Andrew Tate Record: Kickboxing Career, Wins Losses & Titles 7

What is Andrew Tate’s Kickboxing Record?

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Andrew Tate’s Kickboxing Career

Emory Andrew Tate III (nick named “Cobra Tate“) was born in the U.S. before moving to the UK where he grew up with his brother, Tristan Tate, and his mom after his parents separated.

Andrew Tate Record

Andrew Tate is mixed race; his father (Emory Tate) was an African American chess champion and his mother, who’s British, worked as a catering assistant in Luton.

Andrew Tate claims to be a chess prodigy and says that he began playing chess at the age of five and even featured in some adult competitions. However, unlike his father, he did not pursue chess professionally and instead went into kickboxing.

Tate was introduced to kickboxing in 2005 and had won his first championship by 2009. He started training religiously at 15 years. At the age of 25, he won his first world title, the IKSA kickboxing world championship against Jean-Luc Benoit.

By the time he wrapped up his career in Kickboxing, he had a record of 76-9 (Tate won 76 and lost 9). 23 of those wins were by KO. He had won the IKSA kickboxing world championship four times.

Andrew Tate chose kickboxing over boxing or MMA because it was the gym that was closest to his house. Tate ran 1-2 hours to the gym, trained, and ran back to his house. There was a boxing gym he could have gone to but it was farther away from home than the kickboxing one. So he ended up becoming a professional kickboxer.

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Andrew Tate’s kickboxing record

Andrew Tate fought 85 professional matches. He won 76 times and lost 9 times. Of those wins, 23 were by knock out. In those matches, he fought guys like Adnan Omeragić, Paul Randall, Sammy Masa, Jean-Luc Benoît, Jamie Bates, and Daniel Hughes, just to mention a few.

Andrew Tate record

Andrew competed for over 10 years before retiring in 2016. By then, he’d won 4 IKSA world championship matches. Andrew beat some legendary kickboxers in his career, including Franci Grajš, Vincent Petitjean, and Jean-Luc Benoit.

Andrew Tate recently talked about the brutality of kickboxing when he said, “I’ve seen 4 professional fighters die in professional fights. Many fighters will never be the same again after stepping in the ring with me.”

Tate has immense confidence in his ability and says that he was one of the most ruthless fighters in the ring. He saw his competitors as his sworn enemy and was determined to knock them out.

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Andrew Tate Stats


  • Total Fights: 87
  • Victories: 76
  • Wins By Knockout: 23
  • Losses: 9


Andrew Tate took part in some MMA fights. His MMA record is:

  • Total Fights: 3
  • Victories: 2
  • Wins By Knockout: 1
  • Wins By Decision: 1
  • Losses: 1

That’s right, although MMA was not his area of specialization, he still did quite well.

Andrew Tate’s Life After Kickboxing

Tate has had an eventful life away from the ring. Since he left the profession, he has become a household name and a major social media influencer. Here’s how his life has been since he hang up his gloves:

Andrew Tate in the Big Brother house

When Tate retired from kickboxing in 2016, he all of a sudden had a lot more time on his hands. He was cast in the UK reality show, Big Brother. He adopted a provocative mindset on set and told other contestants, “I don’t care if nobody likes me, I know I’m the most intelligent person in the house. Fact.”

But his stay was short-lived because after a few days, he was thrown out of the show. People speculated that it must have been because a video surfaced of him beating a girl with a belt. It was recently revealed that he was being investigated by the police over allegations of rape although he was never charged. The producers must have dropped him to avoid being embroiled in the kind of controversy that would have attracted.

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Andrew Tate’s Workout Routine

Most of Andrew Tate’s training while he was professionally competing involved jump rope, running, and sparring with opponents.

Andrew Tate gym

He also did strength-training to build up his upper body strength. He did not go to the gym to lift weights and would do 500 – 1,000 push ups per day to increase punching power.

He even said so himself in an interview when asked how he works out. He said, “I don’t train in the gym too often. I do 500-1,000 push ups a day. Whenever I’m on the computer, I set myself a little target. So I’m on the computer, every few minutes I’ll drop and do as many push ups as I can.”

And speaking of when he was competing, he said, “I’m a 4x kickboxing world champion. I used to do push ups, shadow boxing with 4-5 kilos, running with 4-5 kilos, and burpees with weighted vests. But I never lifted weights ever. Just lots of punching people in the head!”

Since the push ups built up his upper body strength, he didn’t focus too much on gym workouts. Having said that, Tate goes to the gym and when he does, he does V-bar dips, pull ups, and the bench press. Andrew can bench press 275 pounds.

He trains for 45 minutes when he wakes up in the morning before eating anything and gets on with his day. When he doesn’t work out in the morning, he does the pushups throughout the day.

Andrew Tate’s Diet?

Andrew Tate wasn’t on a strict diet when he fought professionally. But as he gets older, he acknowledges that he has to monitor his diet more to maintain his physique.

Andrew Tate diet

He recently said that he is on the “carnivore diet.” When asked about his diet, he said, “I follow the carnivore diet. It’s living on 85-90% of what you eat has to be meat, for calories per day. In general, it’s all meat! No rice, no pasta, no chips… just meat! And you can eat as much meat as you want until you’re full.”

He eats 16-32 ounce steaks and usually has one meal per day. He claims that the benefits of a meat-only diet are improved concentration, focus, and output. He also doesn’t get brain fog during the day. He also eats raw onions to raise testosterone levels.

Tate drinks 10-15 cups of coffee throughout the day to increase his energy levels. He actually admits that he is addicted to caffeine. He recently said, “my entire reality is caffeinated. I haven’t been awake without caffeine in years! Develop a coffee addiction… it’s fantastic! I have 10-15 cups of coffee every single day and I will until the day I die.”

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Will Andrew Tate Fight Jake Paul?

In 2022, before his arrest, Andrew Tate and Jake Paul kept teasing a boxing match between them. There was a point when negotiations had started regarding the fight that was scheduled for 2023 or 2024 but they broke down.

Andrew Tate and Jake Paul

I should mention that Andrew Tate was a kickboxer and has never competed in a regular boxing match while Jake Paul has. Jake Paul’s professional boxing record is 6-0, excluding his amateur bout against Deji Olatunji in 2018 that he also won. He’s fought really good fighters, including Anderson Silva, Tyron Woodley, AnEsonGib, Nate Robinson, and Ben Askren. Of the six victories, four were by KO, one by split decision, and one by unanimous decision.

But such is Tate’s enormous self-belief that thinks he can beat any fighter, including Jake Paul, if he gets enough time to train.

Now we may never see Jake Paul fight Andrew Tate because he (Tate) was arrested in Romania and put into custody on allegations of human trafficking, rape, and being part of an organized crime group. Tate lost an appeal case to keep him out of jail meaning he will spend more time there.

Why Did Andrew Tate Retire From Kickboxing?

Cobra Tate retired from kickboxing to focus full-time on his webcam business. He felt that there it was an opportunity to get rich together with his brother, Tristan Tate, if he took it seriously. He was right too since he grew The Real World to over 200,000 subscribers paying him $49 per month.

You could say that money was a factor in his retirement because he knew that kickboxing would not make him anywhere near the amount of money boxing could have. He once told an interviewer, “I was a kickboxing world champion, but kickboxing isn’t boxing. I’d make $100,000 dollars per fight, but I didn’t consider myself rich. That’s actually the reason I retired.”

Then he said that he woke up one day and realized he was dedicating 6.5 hours per day to his profession but would never get rich yet if applied that same time and energy to making money, he could easily have become a millionaire.

Besides the money, he had other motivations to retire. For example, Tate had suffered several eye injuries that forced him to get invasive eye surgeries. He was worried that his eyes were in danger of further damage and decided to retire while he still had proper eyesight.

Talking about his eye injuries, he said, “I’m at the stage of my life now where my eyes are worth more than another belt. Maybe when I was 22 or 23 years old it would be different.”

After a few years of retirement, the prospect of getting back on the ring to fight has been something Tate has been flirting with. In fact, in 2020, he competed in 2 kickboxing matches. He still spars with his brother, Tristan, who’s also a decent kickboxer himself.

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Andrew Tate Record: Kickboxing Career, Wins Losses & Titles 7

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