Is Luke Lango’s Innovation Investor Legit?

Luke Lango's Innovation Investor

Welcome to my review of Luke Lango’s Innovation Investor. Luke Lango, who was at one point ranked as the number #1 stock picker in 2020 by, has a new investment newsletter that focuses on companies in their earliest growth stages.  According to Luke, his strategy enables subscribers to have the chance to capture enormous …

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The 10X Anomaly Summit [Daily 10X Stock Report Review]

Luke Lango The 10X Anomaly Summit

Welcome to my review of Luke Lango’s The 10X Anomaly Summit. This webinar centers on what Luke refers to as one of the most controversial experiments in financial publishing history. If you would like find out what the experiment is all about and whether it leads to a rare and unique investment opportunity, you have …

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Is Luke Lango’s Exponential Growth Report Legit?

Luke Lango Exponential Growth Report

Welcome to my review of Luke Lango’s Exponential Growth Report newsletter. It is a brand new investment newsletter that will be published by InvestorPlace. Luke will hunt for future the future Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and Google in the micro- and nano-cap world and share his recommendations with his followers. Therefore, if you would like to …

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Is Charles Mizrahi’s “Miracle on Mainstreet” Legit?

Miracle on Mainstreet

Charles Mizrahi of Banyan Hill Publishing recently did a presentation with former Governor Mike Huckabee called Miracle on Main Street. The presentation is nothing but an ad for Charles Mizrahi’s newsletter. But in the course of doing it, they talk about the stock market and say that it is the single greatest wealth creator on …

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Is Jimmy Mengel’s The ‘God Chip’ Legit?

Jimmy Mengel The 'God Chip'

Welcome to my review of the presentation released by the Outsider Club by Jimmy Mengel called The ‘God Chip’. This presentation centers a little-known semiconductor company that he wants you to invest in. It is behind a new microprocessor chip that he claims will solve a big solution  in the tech world and unleash $17 …

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Is Teeka Tiwari Tech Boom Investment Legit?

Teeka Tiwari Tech Boom

Welcome to my review of a presentation released by the Palm Beach Research called the Teeka Tiwari Tech Boom.  This event featuring Teeka Tiwari is about a new breakthrough that will trigger a new tech mania in 2021 that he compares or even likens to the Dot Com Bubble of the late nineties that went …

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Is Jeff Brown’s “Silicon Valley Unlocked” Legit?

Jeff Brown Silicon Valley 'Unlocked'

Welcome to my review the Jeff Brown Silicon Valley ‘Unlocked’ webinar. Hosted by the prolific investment guru, the discussion centers on small IPO stocks that have explosive profit potential. Jeff Brown, who regards himself as one of America’s top angel investors, is looking for the best IPO stocks that he says Wall Street is neglecting …

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Is Empire Financial’s Wealth Accelerator Legit?

Empire Financial's Wealth Accelerator

Welcome to my review of Empire Financial’s Wealth Accelerator. Whitney Tilson and Berna Barshay recently got together to host the Wealth Accelerator summit and during the webinar they discussed a new approach to investing that involves a “hidden” corner of the market. If you are interested to find out whether this investment strategy is the …

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Is Teeka Tiwari’s 24 Hours to 24/7 Freedom Legit?

24 Hours To 24 7 Freedom by Teeka Tiwari

24 Hours to 24/7 Freedom is the title of a presentation by Teeka Tiwari that has been getting a lot of attention over the past few days. It was hosted by Fernando Cruz. In the presentation, Teeka Tiwari discusses the prospect of getting in on “pre-unicorn” deals that can minimize your journey to wealth down to …

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Is Paul Mampilly’s Next Level Summit Legit?

Next Level Summit

Looking for a genuine review of Paul Mampilly’s Next Level Summit. Paul recently released this presentation to talk about an investment opportunity that may potentially earn 300% gains in 12 months or even 1,000% in two to three years.  After sitting through the Next Level Summit presentation, I put together this review to share all …

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