What Is The L5 Revolution? [Charles Mizrahi]

Welcome to my review of an event that was published by Banyan Hill Publishing called The L5 Revolution Event hosted by Corrina Sullivan featuring Charles Mizrahi.

This webinar centered on what Charles regards as an overlooked industry that is set to grow by 63,000% over the next decade and add $7 trillion to the global economy by 2050.

If you would like to learn more about the event, you are at the right place because in this review, we are going to cover what “overlooked industry” he is referring to as well as why he thinks it will grow 63,000% over the next decade.

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What Is The L5 Revolution? [Charles Mizrahi] 7

The L5 Revolution Review

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Introduction to The L5 Revolution

The L5 Revolution Event centers on what Charles thinks is an overlooked industry that he expects you to consider looking into. He also reveals his number one stock pick for this emerging industry and we will look into that later.

Corrina starts the presentation by narrating how this new industry will add $7 trillion of new wealth to the global economy by 2050 and grow 63,000% by 2030 before Mizrahi comes in and tells us how countries like the U.S., Germany, China, Japan, and the EU are taking steps to move the industry forward.

The L5 Revolution

At this point, you may be wondering what industry he is talking about.

I mean, there are dozens of industries that show great promise and investors are excited about but not many of them get people this excited.

After sitting through the presentation, we learn that Charles is referring to Electric Autonomous Vehicles or self-driving cars (or as he calls them, AVs).

He says that AVs are the convergence of three technologies: electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, and 5G.

If you’ve been following the financial services industry, you’ll realize that he is not the first person to talk about electric self-driving cars so effusively. We’ve seen other investment gurus like Bill Spencer (when he did his “Profits from Apple Cars” presentation) and Jeff Brown (when he did his “RIP Tesla Pitch) also talk about self-driving electric cars.

We’ve also seen the concept of robotaxis being hailed as a new investment opportunity by Whitney Tilson when he did his “Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS)” presentation, Ian King when he did his “Mobility as a Service (MaaS)” presentation, and Jeff Brown once again when he did his “Invest In Elon Musk SAV Stock (S.A.V.)” pitch.

A Robotaxi is a taxi service that has a fleet of self-driving cars.

So, the concept of self-driving cars has been spoken about by other people. That being said, I was curious to find out the approach Charles would take on this.

Now, Charles says that self-driving electric cars will have a massive impact on the economy and even how we live our lives. To quote him:

“We’re talking about a big disruption … real big.

Like Gutenberg’s printing press … big. Or the discovery of oil … big. Or the invention of the light bulb … big.

Let me put it this way. The current GDP of the entire world … that’s every country on the planet … is about $87 trillion.

I believe this megatrend will disrupt nearly 10% of the entire global economy.”

He says that the pandemic created a new trend that will make AVs even more prevalent. For example, he says that delivery services offered by companies like Uber are here to stay.

Therefore, he wants you to seriously consider investing in the companies that will be involved in the self-driving revolution.

So, what companies does he have in mind?

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Charles Mizrahi’s number one LiDAR stock

That’s right, Charles claims that the best way to invest in this trend is to invest in a company that makes LiDAR equipment.

Why LiDAR?

Light Detection and Ranging or LiDAR is a mapping technology like RADAR only that instead of using radio waves, it uses light waves. When you beam light, it bounces off objects and sends the data back and the computer in the car builds a 3D image of its environment.

Charles says that LiDAR will be the catalyst that ignites the explosion of AV growth because it will take us into Level 5 self-driving capabilities.

Here is a helpful chart that explains the different levels of self-driving:


So, Mizrahi thinks that the only way for us to breach Level 5 (L5, hence the name of the presentation) is to improve on the LiDAR technology that we have.

He believes that he has spotted one company that is at the forefront of doing this.

What’s so special about this company and its product?

According to Charles, this company has developed LiDAR equipment that can fit in the palm of your hand and cost as low as $400 (previous versions of LiDAR equipment was bulky, inefficient, and cost thousands of dollars).

This company developed solid-state LiDAR equipment that is better than what we’ve been seeing in the industry.

Besides having a good product, this company has a superstar CEO whom Charles expects to spearhead its progress. This CEO was as an officer in an elite intelligence unit in government and he has won awards like “CEO of the year” in his industry, the CES Innovation Award twice, the Most Innovative Startup, and his company has been named World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer.

Another reason Charles gives as to why you should consider investing in the company is that entities like Samsung, Softbank Ventures Asia, and Magma Venture Partner have all invested in it.

The name of the company behind the L5 Revolution is covered in a special report Charles wrote called The No. 1 Autonomous Vehicle Stock of the Decade.

This report mentions the company’s name and ticker symbol.

Also note that you will get access to this special report only when you subscribe to Charles Mizrahi’s flagship investing newsletter service, The Alpha Investor.

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Who Is Behind The L5 Revolution?

The L5 Revolution is presented by Charles Mizrahi, an investment analyst who works for Banyan Hill Publishing.

At the young age of 20 years, Charles Mizrahi was trading on the floor of the New York Futures Exchange. Soon, he established his own money management firm, overseeing $200 million in clients’ money. That’s when Barron’s named him as the No. 1 trader in the country at 35.

Charles Mizrahi has 37 years of experience on Wall Street. He brings all his decades of experience to Alpha Investor where he discusses what he deems Wall Street’s best profit opportunities. Charles Mizrahi’s goal is to provide individual investors with the information they need to find the right stocks at the right price, with lower risk.

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How Does Charles Mizrahi’s Alpha Investor Work?

Charles Mizrahi’s Alpha Investor is a financial newsletter published by Banyan Hill Publishing and edited by Charles where he discusses his newest investment opportunities.

If you subscribe to the service, you will receive two additional special reports besides the first one about Autonomous Vehicles. These are The Leader of the $15.7 Trillion AI Revolution and The Emerging Superstars of AI (Charles Mizrahi’s number #1 5G stock pick).

Other benefits you get when you become a member of Alpha Investor include:

  • Access to monthly recommendations
  • Weekly updates
  • Trade alerts
  • Access to the Alpha Investor portfolio and the website
  • A dedicated customer care team
  • The Alpha Investing manual, which explains Charles Mizrahi’s trading strategy with the newsletter.

Alpha Investor Subscription Price

If you join via the link provided at the presentation, you will pay $47 for your first year. Every year after that, the service autorenews for $79 per year.

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Is The L5 Revolution Event Legit? 

Yes, The L5 Revolution Event is legit because Charles has more than 37 years of experience in this field. Hence, his insights and recommendations are worth hearing out. However, that does not guarantee that his predictions are right. In fact, he may be wrong and you may lose money if you sign up for his service.

He uses the presentation to bring to attention how autonomous vehicles have opened up new investment opportunities for investors and there’s nothing illegitimate about that.

If you are interested in investing in the latest tech trends like 5G and Autonomous Vehicle, then Charles Mizrahi’s stock recommendations are worth your attention.

The L5 Revolution Verdict

The L5 Revolution Event focuses on three things: how an overlooked industry (autonomous cars) is set to grow 63,000% over the next decade, how it’s going to add $7 trillion to the global economy by 2050, and the details of the number #1 stock that you should get in on today. 

Speaking of the company that Charles touts in the presentation, we don’t know much about it other than the fact that (as he puts it) it  has massive growth potential. As it manufactures LIDAR equipment for its clients, its value could grow.

From what he has said about it, it appears to be a relatively small company that may do well. However, investing in it comes with risk as with any other form of investment.

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What Is The L5 Revolution? [Charles Mizrahi] 7

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