Where Does Andrew Tate Live?

Andrew Tate is a former professional kickboxer who likes to showcase his luxurious car collection but remains more guarded about his real estate portfolio.

He became famous when he went viral for sharing his polarizing opinions about the breakdown of values in Western culture and the role of masculinity in the modern society.

His brother, Tristan Tate, who’s also a former professional kickboxer, does not often share his opinions and has remained unscathed in the social media ban that Andrew has had to endure. However, he is still very much in the limelight seeing as he posts videos of him posing alongside his cars, private jet and smoking cigars.

Tristan and Andrew Tate remain very close and live in the same house. In this piece, we will cover that all important question: Where does Andrew Tate Live?

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Where Does Andrew Tate Live? 7

Where does Andrew Tate live?

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Who is Andrew Tate?

Emory Andrew Tate III, or Andrew Tate, was born in Chicago in 1986 and then raised in England by his mom after she and his father, Emory Tate, separated.

Andrew started kickboxing professionally and won the world championship four times. He was quite popular among fans of the sport and got the nickname Cobra.

Andrew Tate posing next to his Ferrari

He wasn’t quite well known outside the world of Kickboxing until he starred in the TV reality show Big Brother in 2016.

Andrew Tate became a social media influencer known for airing polarizing opinions about the decay of Western culture and the role of men. He took an aggressive stance against what he considered a society that was demonizing masculinity.

For his controversial opinions, Tate was banned from most of the big social media platforms. He had his YouTube channel banned along with his Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram accounts for violating policies against misogyny and violence.

He is still on Rumble where he and his younger brother, Tristan Tate, post lifestyle vlogs and podcasts. Tate claims to have a net worth of between $350 million and $1 billion.

Why Andrew Tate Moved To Romania

Andrew Tate moved to Romania  in 2017 together with his brother, Tristan and cousin.

As he was moving, Andrew said that one of the reasons he had left England was because Romania has a more relaxed judicial system.

He said that when in England, you can be thrown in jail for a false accusation from a woman while in Romania, there must be proof before getting accused of criminal behavior.

Although it did not get as much attention as the 2022 arrests, Tate had been arrested by the police in the UK in 2015 on suspicion of rape. It is alleged that this could have been the reason why he was thrown out of the show Big Brother, UK.

Andrew Tate felt that moving to Romania would save him from having to deal with overzealous police and a supposedly skewed justice system.

He said, “40 percent of the reason I moved to Romania. I’m not a f**king rapist, but I like the idea of just being able to do what I want. I like being free. If you’re a man living in England or Germany or America or any of the western world, right now you’ve decided to live in a country where any woman…At any point in the future can destroy your life.”

Andrew Tate became famous in Romania when Tristan Tate had an affair with a popular TV host called Bianca Dragusanu.

Andrew Tate’s thoughts on Romania may have changed following the arrests and the legal troubles he’s endured since the beginning of 2023.

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Where does Andrew Tate Live?

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate live in Romania and Dubai. In Romania, he lives on a luxurious compound where he is often seen relaxing by the pool or recording his podcasts with Tristan.

Andrew Tate owns a few properties but he is not a big fan of it because he thinks owning property is unprofitable and is vulnerable to state seizure.

Andrew Tate's house

Andrew once said in a podcast that buying a house is a waste of money because it leaves you vulnerable to a wide range of actions ranging from authoritarian-style governments seizing it to private lawsuits taking it away from you.

Tate believes that digital assets are more secure because, for example, an offshore trust can control a domain name, making it harder to know true ownership.

Tate claims that this gives him better protection and anonymity should a legal system of a country be compromised and the police come knocking.

That being said, he and Tristan own a massive property in Romania near the capital city, Bucharest, and here are some Andrew Tate house facts:

  • It has a custom Swimming Pool
  • It has a custom Video Producing Room where the Tate brothers record podcasts
  • It has a bulletproof glass exterior
  • It is worth $30 Million Dollars
  • It is 2,000 Square Feet
  • It has a custom Super Car Driveway

Andrew and his brother Tristan Tate paid a relatively low price for the house, but after renovating it and adding some features, they believe it is worth almost $30 million.

They also bought their neighbors’ houses for the privacy. Tate argued that since he’s gotten famous, he doesn’t want to be stopped by people on the streets because he wants to ensure his own safety.

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Andrew Tate’s Compound

The Romanian compound has more than two bedrooms and over 2,000 sq ft of space. The property has several amenities, including a vehicle garage with beautiful, luxurious car collections.

Andrew Tate Living Room

The living room has a long stretch of sofas in the middle of the space.

It is an open space concept and it appears that the room was a massive empty space when they moved in. One item that caches the eye is a chessboard that reminds the Tate brothers of their father, Emory Tate, who was professional chess player.

Andrew Tate's Living Room

The living room has enough windows to provide adequate lighting and a fireplace to keep it warm during the winter. There is also a dining room table.

Andrew Tate’s Kitchen

Although Andrew Tate’s thoughts on cooking are well documented (he hates cooking), he still has a kitchen that has an espresso machine and a fridge.

Tate loves his coffee and famously gulps many cups throughout the day. He even admits that he is addicted to it.

You can access the patio through a door in the back of the kitchen.

Swimming Pool

The property has swimming pool where the Tate brothers regularly record videos of them hanging out and smoking cigars.

Andrew Tate Swimming Pool

Since they seem to be very fit guys, you can expect that they do a bit of swimming as well.

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Andrew’s Cinema Room

A luxurious house is not complete without a dedicated cinema room.

Andrew Tate’s house has a cinema on the second floor which also features several guest rooms. The home theater has a projector, large screen, and blackout curtains.

Andrew Tate’s Bedroom

The Top G’s bedroom lives up to his persona. Andrew has portrayed himself as a wealthy man who loves luxury. It is not surprising that his bedroom has a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

The Top G's bedroom

It also has a balcony from where he can monitor the entire compound. The room has a snakeskin wall around the corner. The room also has a walk-in closet, a shower and a bathtub.

Tristan Tate’s Bedroom

Andrew’s younger brother Tristan lives in the top floor of the mansion.

Tristan Tate's Bedroom

It is an open space room with a bed, sitting area, and television.

The top floor has a balcony where the brothers enjoy views of the entire city of Bucharest.

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The Cobra Tate Estate

In addition to the main compound, the Tate brothers also own another mansion called “The Cobra Tate Estate.” It is said to have cost around 28 million dollars.

Like the main home, this mansion is also painted black and the front doors are wrapped in red lights to look like a nightclub. There is a mirror hanging on the wall.

There’s also a large widescreen tv hanging on the wall and leather seats. The main room also has a dining area and a kitchen that.

Andrew Tate also lives in Dubai

Although Andrew Tate moved from England to Romania, he has also been spending a lot of time in Dubai and other cities. Tate couldn’t talk enough about how much he loves Dubai and in the second half of 2022, he appeared to have set roots in the city.

Andrew Tate loves Dubai

Andrew Tate praised the authorities in Dubai for transforming the city into an international hub for business and trade. He says that it is the best place to live if you are rich because it has security, world-class amenities, and nice, tall buildings where successful people from more than 200 countries live harmoniously.

He said in an interview, “there is no global competition to a city like Dubai. They have a city here with people from 200 different nationalities. Dubai has no crime, the best service you can find anywhere in the world, Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, the best hospitals… If you just want to live your life in safety with good healthcare, drive some cars around, have fun, nice restaurants, pretty girls – it is the place to be!”

Andrew Tate even appears to prefer Dubai to his adopted country of Romania, saying that the Eastern European country is run by the mafia and the local police force is not as influential as the police forces in other countries he’s been to.

It’s no wonder he has an elaborate home security system and even claims to have bought out his neighbors to ensure that he is safe.

Andrew Tate's elaborate security system

He believes that the Romanian system doesn’t guarantee safety, but also has a relatively relaxed judicial system. That opinion may have changed following his recent arrest and subsequent detention.

He believes that Dubai, by comparison, is safe because it has a harsh judicial system that severely punishes any wrongdoing. He said in an interview, “In Dubai, the judicial system is extremely harsh, the laws are extremely harsh, but it’s very very safe. I’ll accept that trade! If you give me a very powerful government, and a powerful police force, but you give me my safety and the ability to wear a $5 million dollar watch, I’ll take that all day!”

Andrew Tate appeared to prefer the city of Dubai to his Romania compound. It could have something to do with why he converted to Islam.

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Andrew Tate Net Worth?

Although he has been banned from social media, Tate is among the richest social media influencers.

He has an estimated net worth of $350 million dollars, although it is hard to verify that considering he declined an offer by Forbes magazine to have a profile done on his wealth. He claims he is worth a lot more than that and even joked that he is the world’s first trillionaire.

Andrew says that he always wanted to get rich from a young age and even claims to have been inspired when he saw someone driving a super car while he was going to school.

He started thinking about it and even mentioned it to Tristan. He admitted this in an interview when he said, “I said to Tristan we need to discuss this, we need to plan this, we need to work out a way we can get rich. And that’s when I started understanding and analyzing banks, the money system, and how the world really works.”

Andrew Tate started a webcam studio in his late 20s from his bedroom with his girlfriends. When it was doing well, the business made more than $500,000 dollars per month. Tate diversified and invested into several other business ventures that have made him as rich as he is today such as The Real World and HU.

Andrew Tate Arrested in Romania

Andrew and his brother Tristan were arrested by Romanian police at the end of 2022.

The Romanian authorities raided Andrew Tate’s home and upon arresting the two along with two other associates, later seized their possessions. Among the items they recovered included cars and other valuables.

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Where Does Andrew Tate Live? 7

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